Havas Media

Location: Japan
Industry: Media
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Havas Media is the media division of the global marketing and communications group Havas. Havas Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups.

Havas Media wanted to develop a lead generation solution to collect digital data from social and digital media in just 1 tap for one of their brand clients from Japan.

Babushka Solutions R&D Engineering team offered pioneering social media-taylored lead generation development and digital data collection expertise.

  • With the new lead generation platform, Havas media team can now power their giveaway campaigns and other marketing campaigns across social and digital media channels with instant lead generation solution. They access data in a stylish and user-friendly dashboard and can export all the data for further advertising needs.
  • Fresh user-focused intuitive UX/UI design appeals to visual digital marketing teams and streamlines their data collection process, as well makes it simple and easy to work with the data collected.
  • Babushka Solutions also established a close communication loop with Havas Media, which made reproducing, communicating and fixing bugs much more faster.
Custom lead generation platform to help digital marketing team get maximum data in the fastest and easiest ways possible.
Unique UX/UI design that allows 1-step data collection process from social media posts and other digital assets.
Developers in Ukraine reduced costs on development.
Simple and easy framework to access, manage and export data.

Babushka Solutions engineering and UX/UI teams developed a custom lead generation platform to cater for the exclusive needs of Havas media team and their brand client in Japan.

Babushka’s team from scratch created a lead generation platform (that was GDPR compliant) designed to collect data from marketing activities on social media and across other digital media channels in just 1 step. It’s unique UX/UI design delivered high conversion rate.

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