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Industry: Education
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Matific is an award winning learning program featuring hundreds of fun games covering maths skills from kindergarten through sixth grade. Changing the way that children interact with mathematics, Matific core challenge was to have a user-friendly interface that would appeal to young students, parents and school teachers.

Babushka Solutions was asked to develop a new design / UX / UI for the desktop and mobile that would appeal and cater to the needs of young students, parents and school teachers.

  • New mobile interface with smooth onboarding and intuitive interactions for young students, parents and school teachers.
  • Fresh intuitive design of desktop, striking a balance between playfulness, simplicity and utility.
  • The style for the interface became playful and enjoyable for students of different ages and matched the educational theme. It also perfectly fits with the framework that was used to build the website and mobile application.
  • Babushka Solutions developed a UI kit to keep the style consistent for all Matific products. It was crucial to have the entire user interface consistent.
  • Dedicated Account Manager was hired to lead the Matific successful implementation with primary schools, teachers and young students in Ukraine.
  • 50% cost savings with team in Ukraine.
Babushka Solutions’ design / UX / UI helped Matific to support their growth.
Playful interface style appropriate for students of different ages, teachers and schools.
UI kit to keep the style consistent for all Matific products.
50% cost savings with a team and a dedicated account manager in Ukraine.

Initially, Babushka Solutions redesigned the desktop and mobile application interface. The new interface had to be clear, user-friendly and suited for young learners (very young learners :) ), parents and school teachers.

Matific, then decided to redesign all their marketing and sales materials.
Furthermore, Matific decided to set up team and hire an account manager based in Ukraine to ensure the successful implementation and use of Matific by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine and primary schools in Ukraine. Team and Dedicated Account Manager in Ukraine to ensure.

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